• Highlights from Design Shanghai 2024

    This year, we showcased Design Shanghai 2024 highlights, inspiring creativity, meeting complex design needs, and igniting imaginations.

  • Wu Wall Sconce - Award-Winning Trailblazer in Design

    Wu Wall Sconce – Award-Winning Trailblazer in Design

    WU Wall Sconce has triumphed with three prestigious awards: 2024 IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award 2024, and German Design Award 2024.

  • Light + Building 2024

    SEEDDESIGN Shines at Light + Building 2024

    SEEDDESIGN Returns to Light + Building 2024: A Vibrant Comeback! After a six-year hiatus, SEEDDESIGN makes a triumphant return to Light + Building 2024. Traveling across 9,455 kilometers and 7 time zones, we're greeted by efficient rail transport and bustling streetscapes. Amidst the city's vibrant pulse, creativity and energy abound, setting the stage for an [...] More
  • Light + Building Messe Frankfurt 2024

    Light + Building Messe Frankfurt 2024

    Light + Building Messe Frankfurt 2024 In March of this year, SEEDDESIGN is making a triumphant return to Frankfurt, Germany, after the hiatus caused by COVID-19, participating in the biennial International Lighting and Architecture Exhibition. The event will showcase a multitude of renowned European lighting brands. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all like-minded friends [...] More
  • SEEDDESIGN Shenzhen Store

    The New SEEDDESIGN Shenzhen Store: Where Shopping Meets Innovation

    Celebrate the opening of our new SEEDDESIGN Shenzhen Store, let’s explore the meticulously designed space and the thoughtful considerations.

  • Maison&Objet Paris 2023

    SEEDDESIGN Highlights from Maison&Objet Paris 2023

    At Design Shanghai 2023, SEEDDESIGN had the privilege of hosting a multitude of visitors at our booth. Check it out now!

  • Experience the Finest Moments of Design Shanghai 2023

    Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying a good book in bed, OLO Ring Portable Table Lamp is the perfect companion.

  • OLO Ring Portable Table Lamp|Carry on and Own Your Glow

    Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying a good book in bed, OLO Ring Portable Table Lamp is the perfect companion.

  • WING Pendant | Light Up and Fly

    WING Pendant includes the innovative feature of “dual lighting”, utilizes two light sources to softly illuminate the translucent dual-leaf.

  • 2023 iF Design Award

    PAOPAO|Winner of the 2023 iF Design Award

    Congratulations to designer Chang Huan Rou on her remarkable achievement of winning the Red Dot Award 2023 for the Konnect PV4.

  • Red Dot Award 2023

    KONNECT PV4 | Red Dot Award 2023

    Congratulations to designer Chang Huan Rou on her remarkable achievement of winning the Red Dot Award 2023 for the Konnect PV4.

  • WU Wall Sconce

    WU Wall Sconce | Meet the Light

    Meet the WU Wall Sconce Featuring rotatable arm and shade, WU Wall Sconce is the most flexible wall lamp that can be set precisely illuminating the preference nook by side. Find your own light Equipped with a double-shaft structure, WU Wall Sconce has many different ways of usage with its horizontal and vertical lighting directions [...] More
  • 2022 new launch party

    2022 New Launch Party in Taipei

    https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/NEWS_VD_20221103.mp4 2022 New Launch Party We are so thrilled to share the side shots of our 2022 launch event this October in Taipei. Over a hundred guests’ presence brought the light to the party, it was great to see the partners from far-off cities and the talks had been fruitful with joy! During the event, [...] More
  • lisa series

    LISA Series | The Flow of Light

    LISA Series Composed of simple lines, LISA series smoothly shifts light from linear to cross through the free rotation of crossbar, drawing in a warm flow of light as a visual effect of ever-changing light and shadow. Simple yet versatile Simple and neat, the designer has created an intriguing piece by subtly interweaving interactive elements [...] More
  • Konnect pendant series

    KONNECT Pendant Series | Deconstructional Vibrancy and Extension

    KONNECT Pendant Series Lines can sometimes be so poematic shaping the geometric forms of architecture. Behind the precise calculations is an infinite imagination of aesthetics. KONNECT Pendant series is like a bridge connecting line to line, integrating conceptual methods in a modern approach. Building Imagination of Light Breaking with the conventional notion of one-way lighting, [...] More
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

    SQUARE Pendant Wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

    Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 After OLO Ring table lamp, we are thrilled to receive another Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022, one of the largest and most influential design competitions in the world. This year, the winning lamp is SQUARE Pendant, designed by Chen, Chao-Cheng, featured with its subtle and absolutely streamlined design [...] More
  • OLO family

    Extension of OLO Family | New Symbol of Light

    OLO Family Following the debut of OLO in 2018 and the subsequent launch of OLO Φ in 2020, the simple geometry and the dual illumination of the hollow shade have refreshed people’ imagination of luminaires. Now, the OLO family is delighted to welcome its newest members: OLO Ring Pendant, OLO Table Lamp, OLO Floor Lamp. [...] More
  • OLO Pendant PL4 OLO Ring Series

    OLO Ring Series | New Face to the Family

    https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/VD_OLO_202006-1.mp4 OLO Ring Series Inspired by the diameter symbol Φ, OLO got a new family member, meet OLO Ring Series. Multiple possibilities of movement, OLO Ring gives more freedom to play with the light. Having a steady frame joined in, that balances the flexible movement of light. The linear U-band frame of OLO Pendant PL4 [...] More
  • MIST LED Table Lamp MIST LED Series

    MIST LED Series | A Drop of Golden Sun

    MIST LED Series Inherited by the signature design from the misty raindrop shade, the internal sandblasting treatment gradually blurs the translucent mouth-blown glass that distributes the brightness in a mysterious hazy form. Excellent light quality Embedded with high performance LED CRI>95 (R9>80) as natural as sunlight, and the high-efficiency 56-degree angle optical lens, the light sets [...] More
  • HUAN Pendant S / L

    HUAN Pendant | The Beauty of infinite Scenery

    HUAN Pendant There is an ever-changing view through the circle frame, slowly and silently it changes. Each unexpected glimpse is all about the touching, beautiful scenery. Inspired from a unique, oriental, landscaping architecture_ Moon Gate, HUAN Pendant was created by the young designer Rou who was attracted by this poetic idea and applied it to [...] More
  • paopao if design award 2023

    PAOPAO Pendants|A Glowing Bubble Dream

    Everything starts with a dream. And it’s never too late to start dreaming. PAOPAO means bubbles in Mandarin, the designer intends to induce people’s bright childhood like kids’ big dreams flying high, trying to seize those beautiful moments when looking upon the blue sky. PAOPAO Smooth Organic Shape Seamlessly combining metal cap and spherical glass [...] More
  • Guideline for Hanging Dining Room Pendant Lamps

    https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/guideline-how-to-adjust-height-for-pendant-lamp-new-1.mp4 Have you ever experienced fatigue in your eyes or the blurring of vision after sitting under a pendant lamp for an extended duration? This discomfort may be caused by unfitting implementation of your lighting set-up such as improper hanging height, or poor lamp shade design that fails to filter undesirable glare. The Ideal Hanging [...] More
  • Design Shanghai 2021

    Design Shanghai 2021 was Rounded Off

    https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Design-Shanghai-2021.mp4 Joining in the grand event with thousands of brands and visitors, we are honored to be a part of Design Shanghai 2021 elaborating our design concept of new arrivals. Gallery-like booth design revealed surprises throughout PAOPAO Inspired by bubbles with a blown appearance which evokes feelings of having a second childhood, a cluster of [...] More
  • square pendant new launch

    SQUARE Pendant New Launch|Straight and Forward

    SQUARE Pendant new launch, echoes in its name, being straight and forward with its subtle and absolutely streamlined design, yet dedicated and sun-like light source. "I’d skip the second stroke as long as I can create a design at one." said SEED’s design director, Chao-Cheng Chen. Collaborating with refined metal craftsmanship, the philosophy of purity [...] More
  • Red Dot Award Product Design 2021

    OLO Table Lamp Wins Red Dot Award Product Design 2021

    Red Dot Award is an international design competition with a long history renowned for its reputation selecting the best design of each category every year. We’re honored to announce that our OLO Table Lamp has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 standing out among those respectable candidates. Red Dot Award Product [...] More
  • PENSEE Series

    The New PENSEE Series | Stay in the light

    " THE evening sky to me is like a window, and a lighted lamp, and awaiting behind it. " ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds PENSEE Series: PENSEE Table Lamp Ideas came from self-sedimentation, the designer was keen to have a modest-sized lamp fitted to a favorite corner to accompany us at every joyful moment. The [...] More
  • Apollo floor lamp

    New Products for Petite Chic Space: APOLLO & SOL Floor Lamp

    APOLLO Floor Lamp & SOL Floor Lamp In 2017 and 18, SEED Design successively launched two representative large-size floor lamps, APOLLO Mega Floor Lamp and SOL Mega Floor Lamp. The eye-catching design and ultra-high light quality have well received by designers and quickly spread out in various interior projects. Apart from mega-size, at the beginning of [...] More
  • Explore the Craftsmanship: Metal Lamps

    Through metallurgy, forging and shaping technologies, mankind has transformed various kinds of mines into hardwares in life with an alchemist touch. In order to make the objects more exquisite and durable, the essentials of metals have been continuously expired with new processes of technology by artisans across generations. Metals have become an integral and ubiquitous [...] More
  • Design Shanghai 2020

    Design Shanghai 2020|Keep Moving Forward

    Design Shanghai 2020 In the recent Design Shanghai 2020 in Nov, Seed Design am thrilled to shed light on many new exciting designs for 2021. Many of the new collections will be available Q2 of 2021 in North  America. We also showcase many of our popular 2020 introductions such as the OLO, Sircle, and SOL [...] More
  • interactive lamps

    SEED Design Interactive Lamps|Structural Features

    Interactive Lamps | Spirited Light Most impression about lamps is a quiet and settled home fitting, we believe it can be more than that. The flexible luminaire can be set exactly to suit your needs. Interactive Lamps | Relationship Between People and Light In our daily lives, we derive comfort, peace, and warmth from light. [...] More
  • SEED Design 2020 Online Exhibition

    SEED Design 2020 Online Exhibition

    At SEED Design we are excited to bring you our first ever online exhibition! Showcasing some of our new 2020 introductions as well as sneak peek into what is to come for 2021. Check the link below to find out more. SEED Design 2020 Online Exhibition More
  • DAWN

    DAWN: Sunrise, Morning Has Broken

    https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/VD_DAWN_202008.mp4 Watch the continuous rising action of sunrise, DAWN emits the first morning light from the sea horizon, bringing us a brand new day. When morning has broken, we can’t help being intoxicated in the ever-changing light. With the Double-thread structure and Optical zoom lens, it gives the light’s rich ability to change the beam [...] More
  • Cement Lamps

    Explore the Craftsmanship: Cement Lamps

    “ While pouring water onto the body of the cement, the craftsmen will polish, and wash it back and forth with water sandpaper. After the surface becomes delicately smoother and the color more even, the washing stage is near completion. ” Cement, known as binding material with a rough texture, is normally used in the [...] More
  • SOL Collection

    SOL Collection Official Teaser 2020

    Finally, we released a one-minute short film for the SOL Collection, showing its details of appearance, function, and innovation, expressing the spirit of SEEDOLOGY we abide by. Inspired by star trails in the night sky, Designer Dian combined the metallic luster balance bar and the ring-like lampshade to form a special look of SOL collection. [...] More
  • Mouth-Blown Glass

    Mouth-Blown Glass: Seize the moment of the flow

    Taking a deep breath, a craftsman is blowing air into molten glass. By spinning the blowpipe with their sophisticated hands, a piece of design is well shaped in a minute. This is a very moment destining a glass to be done or gone. Being time-honored workmanship, glass is one of the favorite materials for the [...] More

    SIRCLE: A Floating Moonlight

    SIRCLE: A Floating Moonlight SIRCLE, a merged word symbolizes the rules and compromise spoken in the philosophy of the East. Designer Li, Hui Lun creates a series of lighting in pursuit of an art with circle and square, a balance between the fixed and flexible. ▲Flip out the light balls in different directions, creating various [...] More
  • SEED Design Lighting stay at home

    Stay at Home with SEED Design Lighting

    Tell a Story of a Day Home with SEED Design Lighting Since humans learned how to use fire, our lives have been carved by light: it could be the bonfire flickering in a tribe surrounded by people dancing, the fireplace flaming by grandma on rocking chair when outside snowing, or a lamp switched on waiting [...] More
  • SOL Family

    Meet the SEED Design SOL Family

    SOL Family “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” ― Stephen Hawking Inspired by star trails in the night sky, SOL speaks for the design of minimalism through elaborated consideration and production. [...] More
  • seed design olo series

    SEED Design’s OLO Series: The New Symbol of Light

    Meet SEED Design's OLO Series What’s the light looks like in your imagine? Designer White challenges our imagination by creating OLO, using the basic geometric symbols: circles and lines to shape the light. Using the basic elements to create the picture of a light, Designer White challenges our every imagination by series that is designed [...] More
  • SOL Pendant

    Introducing to SEED Design’s SOL / CHINA LED F

    |SOL| —— Trace the Light to Infinity The stars move in a regular life cycle, leaving a dazzling ring-like trace in the universe. Consists of two sizes pendants, SOL’s ring-like lampshade is finely affixed to a metallic copper balance bar, demonstrating the definition of understated luxury. SOL Flipping light The adjustable ring tilt allows the [...] More
  • SEED Design

    Top Tips to Light Up Your Space with SEED Design Lighting

    ▲ Hsinchu Concept Store / Photo Credit : 蟲點子創意設計Indot Interior Design Using different types of lighting for interior deco is a quite common technique, while designers are serving a similar purpose —sculpture, and decoration. For instance, pendant light can be used to create a focal point in the space, floor lamp will form a parabolic curve, and so on. [...] More
  • SEED Design 2020 Launch Party

    SEED Design’s Annual 2020 Launch Party

    SEED Design 2020 Launch Party Video We are glad to share our joy with all of our friends that SEED Design just held an annual 2020 launch party in the late autumn season, so much laughter and fun we had with local interior designers at that afternoon. Some of the new collections are ready to [...] More
  • FUJI

    New Launch of FUJI Collection : Expression of Sunrise

    Inspired by journey in her early 20s, Designer Dou came up ideas of FUJI and combined mountain-like silhouette with SEED iconic opal glass. Due to admiration for FUJI mountain from people, various images are transformed and seen everywhere in Japan — graphics, patterns, posters and festivals. For local people, the holly mountain is no doubt [...] More
  • Portrait Magazine Vol. 43

    Spot SEED Design’s Castle Pendant and Apollo Floor lamp in Portrait Magazine Vol. 43 and Vol. 44

    If you haven’t caught the latest issue of Portrait Magazine you need to…FAST. Spot SEED Design’s Castle Pendant in sleek concrete and stunning Apollo Floor lamp in wood and blackened metal combination. See the complete issue of Vol. 43 and 44 for more detail. Portrait Magazine Vol. 43 and Vol. 44 Vol. 43 Vol. 44 More
  • Darc Awards 2019

    Olo Pendant Selected to be One of the Contestants for the Darc Awards 2019

    Darc Awards 2019 We have definitely earned some bragging rights here. SEED Design’s very own Olo Pendant has been selected to be one of the contestants for the honorary Darc Awards 2019. As you are aware, Darc Awards deviate from darc and mondo*arc magazines, both of which hold reputations as being the one of the [...] More
  • seed design usa darc magazine

    SEED Design USA Featured in Darc Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 Issue

    Darc Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 Issue We can’t contain our excitement, we have to give a WOW-Worthy mention: to Castle and Dora Pendant series to have been featured in darc magazine Nov/Dec 2019 edition! Check the latest issue at http://bit.ly/35w649x More
  • interiors Magazine

    SEED Design USA Featured in Interiors Magazine November-January 2020 Issue

    Seed Design USA is proud to be featured in Interiors Magazine November+December+January 2020 issue! Check the issue online at www.interiorsdigital.com! Interiors Magazine November-January 2020 Issue More
  • Design China Beijing 2019

    Bringing Moonlight into Design China Beijing 2019

    The final stop of our tour left a superb ending, we brought the moonlight into Design China Beijing 2019 celebrating the significant Chinese holiday “Moon Festival”. ▲ FUJI P12 ▲ FUJI P12 ▲OLO WU Following the different attribute of each design, what beneath the light and shadow is full of fun and endless ingenuity, forming the ideas [...] More
  • Tin Tin Restaurant seed design usa dome pendants

    Seed Design’s Dome pendants in Tin Tin Restaurant

    Renowned executive chef Nick Leahy revisits his French roots by opening Tin Tin in Atlanta’s Westside. Tin Tin Restaurant is like no other. It is an ultra-hip wine bar where “extensive French forward wine by the glass selection meets incredible Provençal-inspired dishes.” The name Tin Tin is named after the matriarch of the Chef Leahy’s [...] More
  • SEED Design Hercules German Design Award 2019 Special Mention

    SEED Design’s Hercules honored with German Design Award 2019 Special Mention

    SEED Design’s very own Hercules Floor Lamp, designed by Chen Chao Cheng has been awarded with the renowned German Design Award 2019 – Special Mention. Hercules features a smart touch switch which allows you to turn on and dim the LED light source. Rotatable shade and an easy access lever provide brilliant mechanical convenience as well [...] More
  • High Point Market

    Seed Design & Camerich Featured in Trendwatch Display in High Point Market

    Camerich USA’s very own Embrace sofa and Seed Design USA’s Castle pendants have been selected for Trendwatch Display in this past Oct. 2018 High Point market. Curated, charming, and  captivating, even the smallest of vignettes can speak volumes. Trendwatch Display in High Point Market   More
  • Design Shanghai 2017

    SEEDDESIGN at Design Shanghai 2017

    An amazing journey at Design Shanghai 2017 It was SEEDDESIGN's second time to take part in Design Shanghai. Taking experiences from first time, we not only expanded our stand size and cleverly using the arrangements of walls to lead a smoother path for visitors, but also showcased more products with interactive functionality. A slight difference [...] More
  • Design Shanghai

    SEED Design Takes Part in Design Shanghai on 3/8-3/11 2017

    We are thrilled to announce that SEEDDESIGN is about to visit Shanghai for the leading design event in Asia, the Design Shanghai this early March, 2017. Considering that the genuine beauty of illumination is beyond any words to describe, we gradually invite you to take a visit, enjoying new collections and other well-recognized lightings in [...] More
  • Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016

    SEEDDesign in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016

    Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016 SEEDDESIGN is about to celebrate 25th birthday ! In this momentous year, we choose “ Re — “ as the theme of 2016/17  new collection design. " Re- " stands for a revolution in elevating our proudly designs in the past, and rebuild their glorious days in the future. [...] More
  • SEEDDesign Shanghai

    SEEDDesign Shanghai Branch & Brand Store New Opening

    The very first SEEDDESIGN Shanghai branch & Showroom has officially begun its journey in China. Located in the heart area of design community, this showroom was anticipated to be a quiet, calm hide-away space in metropolitan city. Visitors may slow their paces and enjoy serene ambience which illumination infuses in air. If you happen to [...] More


    Design Shanghai has became one of Asia's leading international design event after the successful debut in 2015. We are looking forward to providing you a sensory and impressive experience on site. Come to enjoy the " WOW " if you are in town. Also, feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment during the [...] More
  • SketchUp

    SketchUp Now Available Online

    SketchUp Availabe Now We are now providing sketchup files of all collections for professionals and others who may need. Welcome to download through download page or search in 3D warehouse via sketchup system. More
  • Chinese New Year 2016

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016

    With the coming of  Chinese New Year 2016, we are about to take several days off to celebrate with families and friends. Please understand any late assistance during the close down period. We will get back to you soon once we return. Wish you in good health and a happy " Monkey " year ! [...] More
  • 2016-17 CATALOG

    NEW 2016-17 CATALOG is now Available

    We are now thrilled to share the latest 2016-17 catalog through Download page. Go check and see what's new inside ! More
  • 2015 Taipei Building Show

    2015 Taipei Building Show

    2015 Taipei Building Show is our regular show in Taipei. After spending almost a year on new design discussion and trial, samples we display here are complete, and most of them are ready to launch. Check our products here! Visit 2015 Taipei Building Show Venue : Taipei World Trade Center Date : 2015/ 12/ 10 [...] More
  • SEEDDESIGN 2015 New Collections in Launch

    On the basis of simple aesthetic, our designers devote themselves to making imagination real. Aims to create simple, elegant, divine and unique designs that reveal the beauty of illumination, SEEDDESIGN 2015 new collections are available right now ! Feel free to contact us for more product information. Please mail to : info@seeddesignusa.com More

    Hello SEEDDESIGN USA, We Are Landed.

    Traced back to the beginning, there was only a young lad with full passion and determination on lighting design. So many years passed, we have arrived plenty of countries in the world. Every experience meant a lot especially for a young brand. We keep humble to learn , to improve, and to impress those who [...] More
  • SEEDDESIGN In Creative Expo Taiwan 2015

    SEEDDESIGN takes part in Creative Expo Taiwan 2015, welcome and check our products here. Visit Creative Expo Taiwan 2015 Venue: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11072, Taiwan Date: April 29 - May 4, 2015 More
  • SEEDDESIGN USA Website is Available Now

    We are excited to share the SEEDDESIGN USA website with you, which is especially for customers in the United States. If you happen to be in Seattle, our showroom is right there waiting for you. More information, please directly go to:https://seeddesignusa.com/ More
  • Maison&Objet Asia 2015

    We are thrilled to invite you meeting us at the coming Maison&Objet Asia 2015 in Singapore. It is the first show of SEEDDESIGN in 2015, we have prepared everything but you. Welcome to  have a visit if you are available. Visit Maison&Objet Asia 2015 / Venue: Sands Expo And Convention Center Marina Bay Sands Singapore [...] More