Installation place

So far, all SEEDDESIGN collections are around IP20, only for indoor use.
It should be ensured that the lamps wouldn’t be affected with damp if installed in bathroom or toilet.
For more details, please consult SEED shops or customer service.

How to choose a suitable lamp?

The core idea of SEEDDESIGN is to make each space cozy, comfortable and relaxing. We care more about whether lamps fit for households rather than lightness.

Right habit of using lamps could be referred to characteristics of sunlight. Sunlight is weaker and with lower color temperature ( luminance CRI= 2700K) during dawn and sunset. It is when human body just being awake or ready to rest. Thus there is no need to light up entire space but using desk, floor or wall lamps to soothe our body instead. Noon has the strongest sunlight and higher color temperature ( luminance CRI= 6000K). We are in a spiritual and efficient working condition. That’s why people equip fluorescent lamps in schools and offices, to keep energetic. Hence, two points should be taken into account for a homy space.

  1. How many lamps to decorate within individual space?
  2. Use the light source according to daily activities and purposes.

For instance,
Reading: Except spheres of either books or desk, it is basically unnecessary to use light for other parts. Desk or floor lamps would be good in living room while wall or desk lamps are suitable for bed. Some people would choose spotlights or pendants in study. All we have to follow is “only illuminating places needed”.

Dining room: Either pendants or spotlights are able to make dishes better looks. It is recommended that the distance between pendants and tables is around 60-90 cm from bottom of lampshade. Far distance will weaken the light and cause problems of glare.

How to maintain the lighting fixtures?

Regular maintenance keep lighting fixtures under the best condition. Most pieces are made of glass and metal. We suggest customers to use a dry soft cloth to remove the dust once a month or two months. Dust could cause rustiness. When dust gets on lighting fixtures, it would absorb water in the air and then rust the metal parts. Besides, glass covered with dust could weaken the brightness and transparency. We suggest the glass lampshades should be taken apart and gently washed by water. Only when the glass lampshades cool down already can be taken apart and washed. And the glass lampshades should be completely dry before assembling. If the metal parts get rusted, please wipe softly with a dry cloth and antirust (only help cleaning the surface instead of removing the rust) or send back to SEEDDESIGN for maintenance.

Bulb replacement and light adjustment

  • Where to buy Normally, halogen and energy saving bulbs are available in retail stores or grocery store. For some special bulbs, you can either go to SEED shops or contact our customer service. (Taiwan only)
  • Energy saving bulb replacement Some lamps with incandescent bulbs (E27) can be replaced with energy saving bulbs. However, it has bigger size and the color rendering is not as good as incandescent and halogen bulbs. Besides, it is unable to adjust light, which may diminish the function along with aesthetic of the lamp. It takes serious consideration before replacing energy saving bulbs for dimmable lamps.
  • Adjustable switch replacement Some of our wall lamps and pendants are installed with dimmable equipment. For additional ones on non-dimmable lamps, it is recommended to ask our customer consultants and we would judge by house structure. However it is not recommended to put dimmable switch on low voltage lamps because the electric current and voltage would be unsteady along with flash problem.