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https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/VD_DAWN_202008.mp4 Watch the continuous rising action of sunrise, DAWN emits the first morning light from the sea horizon, bringing us a brand new day. When morning has broken, we can’t help being intoxicated in the ever-changing light. With the Double-thread structure and Optical zoom lens, it gives the light’s rich ability to change the beam [...]

DAWN Wall Sconce

Color   matt black + champagne gold ring / matt black + shiny black ring
Size   L 8.7 x W 2.4 x H 7.2 (inch)
Model   SLD-61WRTE


DAWN Table Lamp

Color    matt black + shiny black ring
Size   L 8.5 x W 2.4 x H 24.8 (inch)
Model   SLD-61D



DAWN Pendant P1

Color   matt black + champagne gold ring / matt black + shiny black ring
Size   L3.1″ x W 3.1″ x MAX Hang Height 78.7″
Model   SLD-81P

https://seeddesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Design-Shanghai-2021.mp4 Joining in the grand event with thousands of brands and visitors, we are honored to be a part of Design Shanghai 2021 elaborating our design concept of new arrivals. Gallery-like booth design revealed surprises throughout PAOPAO Inspired by bubbles with a blown appearance which evokes feelings of having a second childhood, a cluster of [...]
Interactive Lamps | Spirited Light Most impression about lamps is a quiet and settled home fitting, we believe it can be more than that. The flexible luminaire can be set exactly to suit your needs. Interactive Lamps | Relationship Between People and Light In our daily lives, we derive comfort, peace, and warmth from light. [...]
Taking a deep breath, a craftsman is blowing air into molten glass. By spinning the blowpipe with their sophisticated hands, a piece of design is well shaped in a minute. This is a very moment destining a glass to be done or gone. Being time-honored workmanship, glass is one of the favorite materials for the [...]

FAQ- Products

FAQ Installation place So far, all SEEDDESIGN collections are around IP20, only for indoor use. It should be ensured that the lamps wouldn’t be affected with damp if installed in bathroom or toilet. For more details, please consult SEED shops or customer service. How to choose a suitable lamp? The core idea of SEEDDESIGN is [...]