SOL Pendant S / L

SOL collection is low- key design with elaborate consideration, consists of pendant, table lamp and even bow lamp type. SOL Pendant’s ring-like lampshade is finely affixed to a metallic luster balance bar, demonstrating the definition of understated luxury. The adjustable ring tilt allows the pendant to function almost like a planet floating on a track of stars. Invisible LED strip makes the light source impeccable, with a gradual dimming capability, rendering it possible for you to re-create your own personal sunrise and sunset.

sol pendant s
sol pendant l

Color   matt black + shiny copper
S   L 13.8″ x W 13.8″ x MAX Hang Height 118.1″
L   L 17.7″ x W 17.7″ x MAX Hang Height 118.1″
S   SLD-350P
L   SLD-450P