PAOPAO Pendant PL5

Color   copper / champagne gold / chrome
Size   L 43.3″ x W 3.9″ x MAX Hang Height 118″
Model  SLD-1013PL5


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Inspired by artistry of fine jewelry, the PaoPao collection is available in three colorways, and multiple configurations. Each glass sphere of PAOPAO Pendant PL5 is mouth-blown and vacuum plated to create a unique layered effect. The glass sphere visually changes as the light transitions between ON and OFF mode. When the light is OFF, one can appreciate the simplistic beauty of the glass surface and its reflective nature. When the fixture is ON, each pendant glows alluringly, allowing the light to reflect within the glass sphere. The PAOPAO Pendant PL5 utilizes high quality integrated LED design, that offers Color Rendering of CRI 95, as well as a dimmable function.

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