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  • SEED Design Lighting stay at home

    Stay at Home with SEED Design Lighting

    Tell a Story of a Day Home with SEED Design Lighting Since humans learned how to use fire, our lives have been carved by light: it could be the bonfire flickering in a tribe surrounded by people dancing, the fireplace flaming by grandma on rocking chair when outside snowing, or a lamp switched on waiting [...] More  →
  • SOL Family

    Meet the SEED Design SOL Family

    SOL Family “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” ― Stephen Hawking Inspired by star trails in the night sky, SOL speaks for the design of minimalism through elaborated consideration and production. [...] More  →
  • seed design olo series

    SEED Design’s OLO Series: The New Symbol of Light

    Meet SEED Design's OLO Series What’s the light looks like in your imagine? Designer White challenges our imagination by creating OLO, using the basic geometric symbols: circles and lines to shape the light. Using the basic elements to create the picture of a light, Designer White challenges our every imagination by series that is designed [...] More  →
  • SOL Pendant

    Introducing to SEED Design’s SOL / CHINA LED F

    |SOL| —— Trace the Light to Infinity The stars move in a regular life cycle, leaving a dazzling ring-like trace in the universe. Consists of two sizes pendants, SOL’s ring-like lampshade is finely affixed to a metallic copper balance bar, demonstrating the definition of understated luxury. SOL Flipping light The adjustable ring tilt allows the [...] More  →
  • SEED Design

    Top Tips to Light Up Your Space with SEED Design Lighting

    ▲ Hsinchu Concept Store / Photo Credit : 蟲點子創意設計Indot Interior Design Using different types of lighting for interior deco is a quite common technique, while designers are serving a similar purpose —sculpture, and decoration. For instance, pendant light can be used to create a focal point in the space, floor lamp will form a parabolic curve, and so on. [...] More  →
  • SEED Design 2020 Launch Party

    SEED Design’s Annual 2020 Launch Party

    SEED Design 2020 Launch Party Video We are glad to share our joy with all of our friends that SEED Design just held an annual 2020 launch party in the late autumn season, so much laughter and fun we had with local interior designers at that afternoon. Some of the new collections are ready to [...] More  →
  • FUJI

    New Launch of FUJI Collection : Expression of Sunrise

    Inspired by journey in her early 20s, Designer Dou came up ideas of FUJI and combined mountain-like silhouette with SEED iconic opal glass. Due to admiration for FUJI mountain from people, various images are transformed and seen everywhere in Japan — graphics, patterns, posters and festivals. For local people, the holly mountain is no doubt [...] More  →
  • Portrait Magazine Vol. 43

    Spot SEED Design’s Castle Pendant and Apollo Floor lamp in Portrait Magazine Vol. 43 and Vol. 44

    If you haven’t caught the latest issue of Portrait Magazine you need to…FAST. Spot SEED Design’s Castle Pendant in sleek concrete and stunning Apollo Floor lamp in wood and blackened metal combination. See the complete issue of Vol. 43 and 44 for more detail. Portrait Magazine Vol. 43 and Vol. 44 Vol. 43 Vol. 44 More  →
  • Darc Awards 2019

    Olo Pendant Selected to be One of the Contestants for the Darc Awards 2019

    Darc Awards 2019 We have definitely earned some bragging rights here. SEED Design’s very own Olo Pendant has been selected to be one of the contestants for the honorary Darc Awards 2019. As you are aware, Darc Awards deviate from darc and mondo*arc magazines, both of which hold reputations as being the one of the [...] More  →
  • seed design usa darc magazine

    SEED Design USA Featured in Darc Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 Issue

    Darc Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 Issue We can’t contain our excitement, we have to give a WOW-Worthy mention: to Castle and Dora Pendant series to have been featured in darc magazine Nov/Dec 2019 edition! Check the latest issue at More  →
  • interiors Magazine

    SEED Design USA Featured in Interiors Magazine November-January 2020 Issue

    Seed Design USA is proud to be featured in Interiors Magazine November+December+January 2020 issue! Check the issue online at! Interiors Magazine November-January 2020 Issue More  →
  • Design China Beijing 2019

    Bringing Moonlight into Design China Beijing 2019

    The final stop of our tour left a superb ending, we brought the moonlight into Design China Beijing 2019 celebrating the significant Chinese holiday “Moon Festival”. ▲ FUJI P12 ▲ FUJI P12 ▲OLO WU Following the different attribute of each design, what beneath the light and shadow is full of fun and endless ingenuity, forming the ideas [...] More  →
  • Tin Tin Restaurant seed design usa dome pendants

    Seed Design’s Dome pendants in Tin Tin Restaurant

    Renowned executive chef Nick Leahy revisits his French roots by opening Tin Tin in Atlanta’s Westside. Tin Tin Restaurant is like no other. It is an ultra-hip wine bar where “extensive French forward wine by the glass selection meets incredible Provençal-inspired dishes.” The name Tin Tin is named after the matriarch of the Chef Leahy’s [...] More  →
  • SEED Design Hercules German Design Award 2019 Special Mention

    SEED Design’s Hercules honored with German Design Award 2019 Special Mention

    SEED Design’s very own Hercules Floor Lamp, designed by Chen Chao Cheng has been awarded with the renowned German Design Award 2019 – Special Mention. Hercules features a smart touch switch which allows you to turn on and dim the LED light source. Rotatable shade and an easy access lever provide brilliant mechanical convenience as well [...] More  →
  • High Point Market

    Seed Design & Camerich Featured in Trendwatch Display in High Point Market

    Camerich USA’s very own Embrace sofa and Seed Design USA’s Castle pendants have been selected for Trendwatch Display in this past Oct. 2018 High Point market. Curated, charming, and  captivating, even the smallest of vignettes can speak volumes. Trendwatch Display in High Point Market   More  →